Forehead (Frontal Bone) and forehead sinus Fractures

The majority of frontal sinus and forehead fractures are the result of high velocity impacts such as motor vehicle accidents, assaults and sports injuries.  The goal of frontal sinus fracture and forehead bone fracture treatment is to restore facial contour, create a safe and healthy sinus and avoid short and long term complications. Frontal sinus fractures are relatively uncommon and account for only 5-15% of maxillofacial fractures. 

What type of complications may happen if the forehead and more specifically frontal sinus bone is not addressed?

Image of a frontal sinus and forehead fracture

It is important in all frontal sinus fracture cases to evaluate the frontal sinus outflow tract or drainage. Long-term complications resulting from an obstructed outflow tract have been seen, including mucocele, mucopyocele, meningitis, osteomyelitis, and brain abscess.

Should you have surgery if you have sustained frontal bone fracture?

Assuming neurological examinations have been performed and you are out of the woods with brain injuries, the frontal bone (including the anterior table of the sinus) can be repaired based on certain criteria. Nondisplaced (less than 1 to 2 mm) anterior table fractures can be observed with little risk of long-term morbidity. Fractures with greater displacement (2 to 6 mm) present little risk of mucocele formation; however, the risk of an aesthetic deformity increases with the degree of displacement. More complex anterior table fractures and those that extend below the orbital (eye) rim may require open reduction using a coronal (forehead) incision. 

Who is qualified to perform forehead fracture surgery?

Dr. Bolourian is a board certified Maxillofacial Surgeon with over 18 years of experience performing facial trauma surgery including forehead fracture surgery. If you have had a forehead fracture that was never repaired and has left you with a deformity or a dent on your forehead, please consider calling us for a consultation. Dr. Bolourian will be happy to help you sort out your options.