Condylotomy is a surgical procedure that has been used as an option to treat temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder patients. The primary purpose of the procedure is to increase joint space by allowing the mandibular condyle (the head of the jaw bone) to move inferiorly with respect to both the articular disc and eminence.

What is the advantage of Condylotomy over TMJ surgery?

Illustration showing Condylotomy

First and foremost, Dr. Bolourian reserves TMJ surgery if all other options are depleted. The advantage of Condylotomy procedure is that the surgeon does not interfere with the joint itself, therefore there is no chance of scar formation within the TMJ capsule. There is also less risk of nerve injuries with condylotomy as compared to open joint surgery.

Are you a candidate for condylotomy procedure?

IF you have TMJ pain, have gone through conservative management such as physical therapy, splint therapy and minimally invasive arthrocentesis and arthroscopic lysis and lavage with minimal to no relief, Dr. Bolourian will do certain clinical tests to determine the cause of the pain. MRI or diagnostic arthroscopy are the two primary tests we consider to determine the cause. Internal TMJ derangement, also known as TMJ disk dislocation with pain is the primary indication for TMJ condylotomy. Again, Dr. Bolourian will explain and help you decide on the best and most predictable option to treat TMJ pain. We use the most advance technology to diagnose and treat TMJ disease. We proud ourselves for being one of the few if not the only center in Orange County to use arthroscopy (a small camera) to diagnose and in many situations treat TMJ disease.

How long is the procedure?

The condylotomy procedure is performed in office or at the hospital under general anesthesia. The procedure for both sides if needed, is performed under 2 hours. The patient is discharged home the same day and follow ups are scheduled for several weeks to check your bite and train the jaw to adapt to its ideal position. Dr. Bolourian is on active staff at Memorial Care Medical Center and performs surgeries at the hospital on regular basis.

How is the recovery and post-operative care after Condylotomy?

Condylotomy is considered a surgical procedure, therefore there is a period of recovery of approximately one week. The There are rubber bands holding the upper and lower jaws together. Therefore, every patient that undergoes the condylotomy procedure will be on a liquid diet for a 3-6 week period. Overall the condylotomy procedure is designed to significantly reduce TMJ pain caused by internal derangement and the recovery is tolerable and acceptable for our patients.