Anesthesia Options

Licensed and Trained to Administer All Forms of Sedation

Worry-Free, Calming Sedation Dentistry

For many of our patients undergoing a more complex oral surgery or periodontal procedure, general anesthesia or IV sedation is recommended. We know that receiving dental care can cause trepidation in some patients, so we offer calming sedation to help make your experiences with us as comfortable and painless as possible.

Dr. Reza Bolourian is a board-certified oral surgeon and medical doctor and has completed a 7-year hospital-based medical residency program, where he received the most extensive and highest attainable level of hands-on training in anesthesiology. He is licensed and trained to evaluate patients, deliver the appropriate levels of anesthetic, monitor its administration during surgery, and provide adequate follow-up care. This is all accomplished in our state-of-the-art office, which is equipped with a surgical suite equivalent to a hospital surgical facility. Dr. Bolourian is fully qualified to provide sedation dentistry and he will lead all aspects of your care in our office, including your initial consultation, treatment planning, surgery, and recovery.

Our Sedation Dentistry Options

Much of our care deals with complex surgery or traumatic injury care that require higher levels of sedation dentistry during procedures. However, some patients may not need comprehensive care and are simply unable to undergo treatment due to the severity of their dental phobia. Our team takes dental anxiety seriously and prioritizes creating an atmosphere of safety and comfort in our office, while providing education on your condition and walking you through every step of your treatment.

Here are some common questions our patients ask at consultation visits prior to Dental Surgery, Oral Surgery or Periodontal procedures:

Where is my surgery performed? Most outpatient surgical procedures are performed in our private and accredited surgical suite in our office. 

How safe is it to have anesthesia as an out-patient? Our Surgical Center is fully equipped and is held to same standards as hospital surgical suites. Dr. Bolourian and the entire surgical staff at Orange County Oral Surgery and Periodontics are committed to vigorous monthly training to be able to handle office anesthesia emergencies if they arise. We can proudly say that we have administered successful anesthesia to over 4000 patients with ZERO complications.

What are the doctor’s qualifications to administer deep sedation and general anesthesia? Dr. Bolourian is a trained Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with over 20 years experience in anesthesia and surgery. As a medical doctor (M.D.) and a surgeon, Dr. Bolourian had received extensive training in anesthesia. Anesthesia training is an integral part of every board certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. Dr. Bolourian’s educational background, training and years of experience uniquely qualifies him to administer anesthesia safely and predictably.

What Preoperative measures does your office take prior to surgery to ensure safety for patients undergoing IV sedation and general anesthesia? Every patient having surgery undergoes a rigorous physical examination by Dr. Bolourian. He will review medical history, past surgical history, past and current medications and possible allergies. Dr. Bolourian pays particular attention to warning signs such as sleep apnea, TMJ conditions and many other situations where administration of general anesthesia may pose a risk. Patients with serious medical conditions in need for surgery are evaluated and appropriate medical consultations are obtained prior to surgery. For those at high risk, Dr. Bolourian may recommend hospital admission for the procedure. Dr. Bolourian is on active staff at MemorialCare Medical Center and Mission Hospital. 

What if I choose not to have general anesthesia? Are there other options? Yes. We offer many other safe anesthetic options. It is important to note that there are some surgical procedures that require deep anesthesia and some that do not. Dr. Bolourian and you (the patient or guardian) will discuss all options and determine the best course of action. Many procedures may be performed with local anesthesia and/or Nitrous Oxide (AKA-laughing gas).

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Image of a doctor administering anesthesiaSedation dentistry can successfully help your dental experiences be more comfortable and relaxing. Along with helping to create feelings of calmness, sedation can allow us to perform multiple procedures at once and provide complex treatment for a stress-free and convenient treatment process. Dr. Reza Bolourian is specially trained and certified to administer IV sedation for his patients. Along with providing experienced oral surgery and periodontal care, we can help you feel safe and relaxed no matter how simple or complex your treatment is.