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Gum Grafting Reverses the Effects of Gum Recession

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Gum Recession Treatment Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Gum Grafting Re-stabilizes Teeth

Healthy gums stabilize teeth, arching aesthetically around the crowns of each tooth to create a balanced smile. If gums are exposed to factors such as aggressive brushing, trauma, or gum disease, they can begin to recede. Gum recession is first noticeable when teeth appear to be elongated or increasingly sensitive from exposure of the tooth roots. But receding gums do more than alter the appearance of the smile; they may also be a sign of gum disease, which can cause loose teeth and even tooth loss. Though there is no cure for gum recession, it can be effectively managed with gum grafting procedures.

Treatment for Receding Gums

Gums that have receded significantly cannot be reversed naturally and require gum grafting to restore an even gum line and cover sensitive tooth roots. Gum grafting is a simple procedure that involves taking gum tissue from the patient or a donor source and stitching it over the exposed areas. This rebuilds the height of the gums, creating a more aesthetic appearance, and covers stabilizes the exposed teeth. During healing, the new gum tissue will integrate with the existing gums and firmly reestablish a healthy, aesthetic smile.

Symptoms of gum recession include:
• Tooth sensitivity
• Elongated teeth
• Uneven gum line
• Bleeding gums
• Loose teeth
• Bad breath

Gum Restoration from a Periodontal Specialist

Gum recession can easily be corrected with the proper gum grafting procedure. Though many dental professionals can perform this procedure, receiving care from a periodontist specialized in the care of soft tissue has many additional benefits. As a board-certified periodontist with advanced training in periodontics, Dr. Jin Eslami can accurately assess the extent of gum recession and create a precise treatment plan that minimizes procedural tissue trauma and maximizes recovery time. She has successfully performed hundreds of gum grafting procedures, and her skill and gentle touch help ensure each procedure is as comfortable and painless as possible.

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Reverse the effects of gum recession.

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