Lip Augmentation

Fuller lips are a sign of youth and sexuality. Women accentuate their lips with lipstick. Unfortunately, with aging the lips atrophy and become thinner. Some develop lines and wrinkles around the lips as well. There are multitudes of ways to achieve fuller lips. A simple way is by injecting a filler.

There are a number of fillers that are made of hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance that already exists in the human body and is used to provide volume and fullness to the skin. Restylane, Hylaform and Juvederm are all hyaluronic acid based products that have been approved by the FDA. Their effects generally last up to about six months. Since a local anesthetic is not incorporated in these products the patient may need application of numbing cream prior to the lip augmentation.

To achieve fullness at the vermilion (the border of the lip) and the body of the lip the combination of a form of collagen such as Cosmoderm and CosmoPlast and hyaluronic acids works effectively and our patients have been extremely pleased.

PermaLip is a soft solid silicone implant. It is a flexible and malleable allowing it to adapt to the shape of the lips prior to the procedure. Use of PermaLip has alleviated the negative effects associated with the other augmentation materials and has elicited an incredibly positive response from our patients. The procedure itself takes approximately 60 minutes for both upper and lower lips. This quick procedure can be done with Local anesthetic. Small incisions are made hidden within the corners of the lips. The results achieved are very smooth and symmetric, without the lumps and bumps that may occur with injectables. PermaLip leaves no visible scarring and the results are very natural.

Fat injections can also be used for lip augmentation. Small amount of fat harvested from some other part of the body can be injected in to the lips. The advantage of fat it is autologous (from self) and therefore there is no chance of sensitivity or allergy. Disadvantages are that fat in the lips tend to dissolve over time and repeated injections are necessary.

There are also a number of materials that can be implanted in to the lip. AlloDerm is processed human skin that is rendered immunologically inert by a special process that removes its antigenic components that can lead to rejection. It was originally developed for treatment of burn victims. Unlike the other injectable fillers the AlloDerm implant is replaced by patient’s own collagen and seems to last longer. The insertion of the implant involves a small surgical procedure where tiny incisions are made at the corner of the lips and the implant is rolled in to the upper and lower lips. With this procedure the patient should expect more significant swelling for the first few days and therefore more downtime.

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Another material that can be used to augment the lip is Soft Form also known as UltraSoft. UltraSoft facial implant is a soft,tube-shaped implant made of a biocompatible polymer called ePTFE. This material is similar to GoreTex (but is much softer) and has been safely used for more than 20 years in a variety of medical applications including blood vessel replacement and hernia repair. Placing this permanent implant beneath the skin can enhance and define the lips.