Facelift Surgery for Men in Mission Viejo, Ca

FaceLift surgery designed for men can be an effective way to minimize signs of facial aging. The results of a successful face lift can make men feel more rejuvenated and younger than they have in years. Naturally, looking and feeling better often leads to increased confidence and a positive change in attitude others will notice.

The results achieved with male face lift surgery are similar to those enjoyed by women, however there are differences in approach that potential patients should be aware of. Perhaps the key difference concerns the incisions made during surgery. Because men tend to wear their hair shorter than women, hiding potential scars after a male face lift can be more difficult. This often allows for less flexibility in terms of where incisions can be made. However, they are always placed as inconspicuously as possible, often along the natural crease where the ear meets the side of the face, around the earlobe, and into the lower scalp area under the hair. Dr. Bolourian uses special magnifying lenses for all his suturing to assure the best outcome in healing.

Like all surgery, male face lift procedures do involve an element of risk. The most common risk in male face lift surgery is a greater possibility of hematoma (blood clot) after surgery because men possess more blood cells in their face than women; Dr. Bolourian uses tissue glue and clotting agents specifically with male face lift surgery to prevent this unwanted event.

Laser Hair Removal

Today, more and more men are concerned with the effects of unsightly hair growth on their overall appearance. Though such methods of hair removal as waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams can offer a temporary solution to the problem of unwanted hair, maintaining their results can be tedious and painful. Laser hair removal for a man typically targets unwanted back, chest, and leg hair. However, other areas of the body, such as the face and arms can also be successfully treated.

One of the most popular targets of laser hair removal for a man is the back. In targeting the root of hair growth, the hair follicle, laser hair removal is often more effective than other treatments such as waxing or shaving. For many men, the back is an area of unsightly hair growth and can be a source of embarrassment when they’re not wearing a shirt. Laser hair removal provides an effective and virtually painless alternative to waxing for removing hair and revealing the smooth skin underneath.

Like the problem of unwanted back hair, excessive chest hair can also be a source of embarrassment for a man. Going shirtless at a swimming pool, for example, can cause them to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. Waxing can be painful and repeated shaving can become tedious. Laser hair removal, especially after multiple treatments, can result in long-term hair reduction and an alternative to the pain and inconvenience of shaving.

Men may want to remove leg hair for a number of reasons. Whether they simply wish to reduce the amount of hair to address aesthetic concerns or undergo complete removal for practical reasons men with excessive leg hair can also benefit from laser hair removal.

Rhinoplasty for Men

Male rhinoplasty is a surgery for men that have become very popular. Cosmetic and functional problems are the main reasons why men seek rhinoplasty. Before making a decision to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure, educate yourself about who is a good candidate rhinoplasty, the procedure itself, and the possible risks and benefits involved.

Male rhinoplasty surgery candidates should be at least 16 years old, which is about the age when the nose stops growing. It is imperative that candidates be looking to improve the shape of their nose that fits their face and ethnicity but not to achieve a perfect or socially ideal nose. Having realistic expectations is an important requirement for good male rhinoplasty candidates.

While male rhinoplasty surgery is primarily thought of as an aesthetic procedure, it can greatly help patients who have trouble breathing due to bone and cartilage defects and deformities.

By changing the contour and shape of different parts of the nose the tip, the nostrils, or the bridge as well as addressing the overall size, symmetry, and orientation of the nose, male rhinoplasty provides patients with very satisfying results.

Rhinoplasty for men is typically performed on an outpatient basis and takes about two to four hours to complete depending on the corrections needed. It is important to discuss in-depth with Dr. Bolourian the measures that will be taken to avoid potential complications. He will take the time to carefully explain these risks to you and will frankly address any of your concerns and answer your questions.

Rhinoplasty for men carries many benefits. Results of a properly executed surgery with ideal healing conditions are often extremely satisfactory. Rhinoplasty patients typically do not experience any major difficulties or complications. Scarring is usually inconspicuous and kept to a minimum.
Men who have undergone rhinoplasty are, for the most part, very happy with their decision to have done so, as the aesthetic alterations can improve breathing, heighten self-esteem, and bring more balance to facial features.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) for Men

Male blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is fast becoming a popular cosmetic surgery option. Eyelid surgery for men can correct sagging upper eyelids and puffy bags located beneath the eyes. The procedure can also correct vision impairment caused by overhanging folds of skin on the upper eyelids.

Blepharoplasty for men is usually a relatively quick procedure, depending on which type of eyelid surgery is performed. Most often, eyelid surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Dr. Bolourian very carefully eliminates excess skin, fat, and/or muscle tissue that may be creating under-eye bags or causing the upper eyelids to sag. The incisions are usually made in discreet areas around the eyes to minimize scarring. Some of the many benefits of male eyelid surgery include reduction of under-eye puffiness and improvement in the appearance of tired-looking eyes. The procedure may also improve vision in those with severely drooping upper eyelids.

BOTOX Cosmetic for Men

BOTOX injections for men are a convenient way for males to enhance their appearance without undergoing surgery. BOTOX treatment temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles that cause the lines and wrinkles associated with aging. Within days of treatment, troublesome frown lines, forehead creases, and crow’s feet begin to fade or disappear.

After being injected with BOTOX Cosmetic, the muscles responsible for crow’s feet and other facial lines begin to relax. As a result, lines and wrinkles fade or disappear, and the skin takes on a smoother, younger-looking appearance. Frown lines, which can make a man look angry or upset regardless of how he feels, can also be minimized or eliminated with BOTOX treatment.

The comfort and convenience of BOTOX treatment have made it a popular cosmetic option for men. The procedure generally takes about 10 minutes, which allows patients to schedule appointments during their lunch hour. In addition, the injections cause only minor discomfort; the sensation is often compared to the sting of an ant bite and usually lasts only a few seconds. There is virtually no recovery period after BOTOX treatment, and most men are able to return to their normal routine immediately. Because BOTOX treatment involves no surgery, it is one of the safest and most effective cosmetic treatments available for facial rejuvenation.

While BOTOX injections for men often produce dramatic cosmetic improvements, these results are not permanent. Typically, patients can expect one treatment to last roughly four months, after which additional injections will be necessary to maintain the various aesthetic results of BOTOX treatments. However, there is evidence that subsequent treatments produce increasingly longer-lasting effects.

Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) for Men

Male ear surgery can be a good solution for men who feel their ears are out of proportion or protrude too far from their head. A lot of men cannot hide large ears with their hair, as some women can. Nearly half or more of all otoplasty surgeries are performed on men, making this procedure one of the most common and popular type of cosmetic surgeries in men.

If you feel your ears are too prominent or stick out too far from your head, you may be a good candidate for male ear surgery.

Cauliflower ears can sometimes be treated with male ear surgery. Cauliflower ear occurs when repeated blows damage the shape and structure of the outer ear. When an ear is struck hard enough for a blood clot to form under the skin, or when the skin of the ear is separated from the cartilage, the normal flow of blood is blocked, depriving the cartilage of oxygen and nutrients transported by the blood. Ear surgery for men who want to prevent cauliflower ear after receiving a blow to the ear consists of making a small incision in the ear and draining the blood. The skin and cartilage are then reconnected by applying a compressive bandage. In cases where the skin of the ear is badly ripped, stitches may be required to sew the ear.

Male ear surgery to correct large or protruding ears is an outpatient one-to-two-hour procedure. Dr. Bolourian usually makes a small incision in the back of the ear. The cartilage is then carefully sculpted and positioned closer to the head. In some cases, a piece of cartilage may be removed to create a more natural fold.
After the procedure, Dr. Bolourian will wrap the patient’s head and ears with a thick bandage to help shape and protect the ears. The bandage will be removed in a few days and replaced with a thinner bandage, similar to a headband, which must be worn at night for several weeks.

Male Neck Lift

Many men are hesitant about aesthetic facial surgery specially a face lift. With aging one of the initial areas that sags is the neck and men always complain that they cannot wear a tie due to excess skin commonly called the turkey gobbler.

The loose, sagging neck skin mainly results from the aging process or from weight loss or weight gain and genetic factors. They often seek improvement in this localized area and are not necessarily interested in changing their facial appearance. Neck lift, also known as anterior cervicoplasty, is an excellent and relatively simple operation which can restore a youthful neck appearance.

The procedure usually begins with liposuction in the neck and jowl regions. Then, operating through small hidden incisions behind the ear and under the chin, Dr. Bolourian lifts and tightens the neck muscle called (Platysma Muscle) to rejuvenate the neck contour. Any excess skin is removed from behind the ear. The result is a smoother and tighter jawline.

Neck lift surgery is typically performed under Local anesthesia or Twilight anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The recovery time for an isolated neck lift is typically a short time. Bruising, if it occurs, resolves in 3 to 4 days.