Medium Chemical Peel

Medium Chemical Peels at Orange County Surgical Specialists is one step deeper than a light chemical peel. Medium-depth chemical peels not only cause exfoliation of the outer skin (epidermis), they also penetrate the top layers of the dermis. In so doing, medium-depth peels set off a chain reaction in the skin to reorganize and make new collagen, adding to the collagen-elastic matrix layer. The new skin is fresher, smoother and somewhat tighter.

Number of Peels1 a month for 3-6 months

Treatment Areas

Face, Neck, Chest

Treatment Time

30 minutes

Recovery Time3-5 days


Redness and peeling

Lasting Effects

Months to a year depending on the number of treatments


The immediate benefits include radiant and glowing skin, which is evident after one peel. A slight tightening of the skin, improvement in clarity, better color and smoother skin texture are also benefits you will notice after Medium peel. These peels will require a few days of down time.  During your personal consultation, the benefits and risks of each peel with be discussed.