Light Chemical Peel

Light Chemical Peels are a great way to achieve a healthier and more vibrant skin. Also called a Superficial Chemical Peel, we have several options that utilize different blends of chemical peeling agents. These combination products help balance the irritation and inflammation that were common with older single-agent peels, with the exfoliation and rejuvenation that we desire. The choice of product is individualized based on skin type and goals of treatment.

At Orange County Surgical Specialists, we look for consistency in our treatments and products with many different skin types so that we know what to expect with application. In addition to our different products, we can use different strengths of application to help us achieve the desired results. This makes Light Chemical Peels a good option for immediate results with fresher, brighter skin.

Superficial (light) chemical agents can provide similar results to that of Microdermabrasion. Similar to Microdermabrasion, these Superficial Chemical Peels are most effective when done in a series of treatments.

Number of PeelsSeries of 3-6 peels is recommended. Many choose to have light peels every month or as an addition to other procedures.

Treatment Areas

Face, Neck, Chest

Treatment Time

30 minutes

Recovery TimeNone


Some patients notice slight flaking, but it is minor. You can resume your normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Lasting Effects

Weeks to months depending on the number of treatments


The instant benefits of superficial (light) chemical peels are radiant and glowing skin. A slight tightening of the skin, improvement in clarity, better color and smoother skin texture are also benefits you will notice after light peel treatments. There is no downtime with a Light Chemical Peel.  This is the gentlest of all chemical peels, ideal for someone with healthy tissue who wants to freshen and brighten the skin. This is not a peel that will change unwanted pigment and it is not strong enough to diminish lines and wrinkles. Light Chemical Peels are great for events, parties, photos or as a pre- or post-vacation option. Chemical Peels can be combined with Microdermabrasion or Facials to enhance skin health results. When done in a weekly series, we can see a reduction in oil production, pore clogging and congestion, and overall brightening in complexion. We consider this the beginning of your skin care journey.   Light Chemical Peels also work well for older skin, and skin with sensitive or reactive skin type.

What are the effects of aging on my skin?

You can think of the structure of the top layer of skin like a brick wall. It is a barrier that helps keep moisture in and environmental toxins out. The cells that make up this outer layer of skin are like the bricks, and the intracellular matrix is like the mortar. But unlike a brick wall, the skin is a living organ and is undergoing constant renewal. New cells migrate toward the surface from the deeper layers, pushing the older dying cells to the top. Due to excess sun exposure, the environment and natural aging, the layers of dead skin cells begin to accumulate on the outer surface like a pile of bricks. This leads to a more rough, dull appearance, often with more splotchy pigmentation. Superficial treatments, like Light Chemical Peels, are helping us get back to a fresh wall by removing these dead skin cells, leaving our skin with a better appearance and stronger integrity.

What are the limitations of Light Chemical Peels?

There are various levels of Chemical Peels and Light Chemical Peels may not address conditions such as wrinkles, pigmentations, scars, vascular conditions (blood vessels) or skin tone.

For a more significant result, please consider:

  • Medium Depth Chemical Peels
  • Deep Depth Chemical Peels