Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

​Non-surgical chin augmentation will correct a weak chin or receding chin and balance facial profile without surgery. This is an ideal procedure for someone who does not wish to have an implant chin augmentation or implants are not indicated. You should know that chin implant placement is also a quick and easily reversible surgical procedure. Even though there are limitations to both procedures, there are certain advantages to non-surgical chin augmentation for some individuals.

Traditional chin augmentation involves the surgical implantation of a pre-shaped or custom shaped implant material. There are various shapes, forms and material in modern implants, but in certain individuals the results can still be somewhat limited by the shape of the prefabricated implant. As with non-surgical chin augmentation we have the option to augment certain areas of the chin more accurately. The non-surgical chin augmentation involves using a topical numbing cream that is applied to prevent pain during the procedure. Small amounts of an injectable filler of choice is then injected into precise areas building up the chin and bringing your profile into balance. The most common injectables used in our practice are JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC, Voluma is the latest generation hyaluronic acid (HA) filler. The effects of this filler last up to two years and are completely reversible if results are unsatisfactory or need to be adjusted. Restylane LYFT or Resylane DEFYNE are more robust version of Restylane. They are also a hyaluronic acid filler and last for about 10 months. LYFT and DEFYNE are fully reversible.

Radiesse is a filler composed of calcium hydroxylapatite complexed with cellulose. Radiesse is the most robust filler available today and it is ideal for patients with more pronounced retrusion. Calcium hydroxylapatite is biodegradable, so it is safely absorbed by your body over time. The effect of this filler lasts for 9 to 14 months, depending on the individual. Because neither of these two fillers is animal based, there is no allergy testing required prior to treatment. For patients who desire permanent results, Dr. Bolourian can perform the Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation procedure with Bellafill®. Bellafill® is the first long term to permanent injectable filler approved by the FDA and it represents a new chapter in non-invasive cosmetic treatments. The filler is composed of 80% purified bovine collagen with 20% polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres. For best results, two to three sessions are needed and a skin test is required before the first treatment. Studies have shown that the cosmetic effect of Bellafill® persists for 10 years or more.

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