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A Gorgeous, Even Smile through Crown Lengthening Treatment

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Crown Lengthening Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Balancing the Tooth-Gum Proportion

A beautiful, symmetrical smile means that the teeth and gums are in proportion to each other. If there is excessive gum tissue, this can result in a “gummy smile” that hides a large portion of the tooth crown. For many patients, this can cause aesthetic concerns, though functional concerns can be present as well, such as a tooth’s decay or damage hidden under the gum line. In order to restore an even gum line or to access problem teeth, our skilled periodontal team can perform a crown lengthening procedure. Crown lengthening is commonly performed under only local anesthesia.

Dr. Eslami Talks About Crown Lengthening

One Procedure, Dual Purpose

A crown lengthening procedures involves removing and reshaping the gum tissue around teeth. This can both give access to the hidden parts of teeth needing treatment and balance the gum line for a more aesthetic appearance.

Functional Crown Lengthening

Tooth decay or damage located beneath the gum line must be exposed in order for a filling, crown, or bridge to be placed. A small amount of gum tissue and bone is cut away from around the tooth. This exposes more of the crown in preparation for a restoration or filling. Surrounding teeth may also receive treatment to balance the gum line.

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

To fix a “gummy smile,” excess gum tissue is removed and the gum line is recontoured. If necessary, the bone can be altered or smoothed so that the gums form a more even line. In each situation, the end result is a more balanced gum line that has exposed a better tooth-to-gum ratio.

Restoring Oral Health, Aesthetically

Periodontists like Dr. Jin Eslami are specially trained in tissues of the mouth that surround the teeth, including the gums and bone. Along with preventing or treating issues related to the gums, such as gum disease or gum recession, Dr. Eslami is experienced in crown lengthening procedures. With a focus on restoring health to the gums, she is also skilled at creating the most aesthetic outcomes for the smile. With better symmetry and the reduced risk for decay and disease, your smile will look and feel healthy and beautiful.

Crown lengthening can improve your smile's health and appearance.

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